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ION Engraving specialises in professionally typeset scores and parts for musical instruments and ensembles.

I have a bachelor's in music (BMus International) and a first class honours master's degree (MA) in musical composition from Maynooth University, Ireland.
I am currently studying for a master's degree in philosophical aesthetics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Please note there is a 20% student discount on all prices.
This is subject to the production of a photograph of a valid student ID card (University, ISIC etc.).

Typesetting Rates
The following prices are in Euro (EUR €) and are per page.

From handwritten, PDF or notation software.

Choral - €25
Piano / Keyboard - €20
Solo Instrument - €15
Symphony, chamber orchestra or opera (full score) - €40
Small chamber ensembles (full score) - €30
Part pages (extracted and formatted) - €15

Arrangement rates, per minute of music*

Single line - €25
Two staff single lines - €40
Single line, high density or Vocal Melody with Lyric and Chord Symbols - €45
Piano Score, average density - €65
Piano plus one other instrument - €70
String Trio - €65
Piano/Vocal arrangement (publication-style) or String Quartet - €80
Vocal/4 rhythm/3 other instruments - €90
A Capella Vocal - €90
A Capella Vocal with Track - €105
Piano Score, high density - €120
Big Band, Marching Band - €135
Concert Band - €140
Symphony Orchestra - €165
Symphony Orchestra with Organ and Choir - €185

* Prices shown above are a minimum price guideline only and are to be discussed in detail with the customer.

Payment information shared in preliminary invoice on acceptance of a quote.

Payment methods include
PayPal (In EUR and SEK)
N26 (In EUR).
Swish (In SEK. Sweden Only, based on EUR price list and converted to SEK).
Bitcoin (based on a conversion from EUR prices and converted to BTC based on's rates at the time of quote.

The turnaround time depends on the size of the job.

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